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Dashboard FAQ

How long does it take to set up my Dashboard?
It will take you about 30-45 minutes to get through the ‘wizard’.  But, you can leave anytime and return to complete unfinished items!  Also, once you do get your Dashboard built, you can change any part of it any time.  This is a simple, worry-free system designed for busy business owners. 

Is the Dashboard for big businesses?  I’m a one-person shop.
NO!  The Dashboard is designed for small business owners.  The typical user is a 1-5 person shop with less than $1M in sales.

How much does it cost?
It's only $9.99 after the 14-day FREE trial. And...there's no committment. You can cancel anytime, with the click of a button in your account page, no questions asked.

Is this like the same Dashboard I used in the corporate world?
Yes and No.  First, the concept is very similar.  However, there are two key differences.  First, this is very simple and Big Picture in nature.  We want you to have a great snapshot of the progress you’re making towards achieving your success.  Secondly, we have added the Goals component, which is an action-oriented system to keep you on task and focused on the Big Picture.

Will my credit card be charged during the Free Trial period?
No! We use PayPal. You will create a subscription with PayPal that won't charge you until the free trial period ends (14 days).

Why do I need a Dashboard?
We strongly believe the Dashboard is the single most effective management tool for small business owners. It helps you plan, set goals, create milestones, and keep track of your progress.



What They're Saying...

"The My Business Dashboard is a fantastic business tool. One of the reasons most business fail is because they don't keep track of their activities. With the Dashboard I can keep track of my sales and profits as well as my marketing efforts. I can track anything I want because it's completely customizable. I also, really like the visual layout, it's easy to understand and simple to use. Any business owner wanting to grow needs to use this system."

Dorothy Wolden
Owner/Creative Director
Creative Intuition